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Frequently Asked Questions

Hustle: A Pro Wrestling Superlative in North Lonon

How do I take part in hustle wrestling training?

Fill out a contact form below or email us at for details on how to apply.

When does wrestling training take place?

Midweek evening and weekend in-ring coaching is available each week


Where is wrestling training held?

The training is located in Enfield, North London, N9 9JZ. Entrance is through the carpark on Church Street.

How do I get there? 

By Train: the nearest station is Edmonton Green, but Bush Hill Park, and Winchmore Hill are also close by.

Bus: You can take any of the following bus routes: W8, 329, 217, 231

By Car:  If you put the postcode N9 9JZ into your Sat Nav, you should have no problems. Parking is available.

Is there parking?

There is a free car park available with plenty of spaces.

What do I need to bring?

Clean workout clothes (a spare t-shirt can be useful), indoor sport shoes (preferably wrestling shoes), a towel, a water bottle and deodorant to freshen up.  If you have knee pads, it’s recommended that you bring them, but they’re not essential for your first sessions. Useful link for knee pads -

How long do sessions last?

A typical in ring coaching session lasts 2 hours. All sessions have short breaks for water.

What time should I arrive?

30 minutes before the session, the quicker you are changed and ready the more training time you'll have.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on what training is available.

Do I need to be super fit?

Not at all! You can get super fit at wrestling training! We’ll do a warm up each week, and the more you train the fitter you’ll get.

Do I need wrestling experience?

Not at all, we accept all experience levels, including beginners. We offer fundamentals courses for brand new starters. 

How old do I need to be?

Our sessions are for trainees 16 years old and over.

Am I too old?

You are as young as you feel! Some trainees have been as old as 55.

Am I going to get hurt?

Pro Wrestling is a full-contact sport therefore there are always risks involved, However you will be guided through all movements safely and will never be asked to perform a movement you are uncomfortable with.

Is the trainer first aid trained?

Yes, all trainers are first aid trained.

How long does it take to become a wrestler?

It can take from a few months to a few years. It all depends on work ethic and dedication.

Will there be a ring?

Yes, we have a full sized pro wrestling ring stored at the venue, so it’s available for every session.

Can I come and watch?

Yes, if you’re unsure about joining-in straight away, you can watch sessions and start participating when you feel comfortable. Watching a session carries the same fee as the regular session.

Do you offer private sessions?

If there is availability we may be able to offer private sessions. Email if this is of interest to you.

Can I pay on the day?

No, all sessions are booked and paid for in advance.

Is there a toilet / shower at the venue?

Yes, we have changing rooms with showers and toilets available.

Will there be a break?

Yes, there will be regular water breaks.

What do the sessions cover?

Everything to becoming a well-rounded pro wrestler; move techniques, ring fitness, drills, character work, promos, match psychology and much more!

Will you be running shows?

We run regular shows which showcase the #HUSTLE team!

Is there a commitment to go to multiple sessions?

No, you could come and try one to see how you like it.

Where are your policies and procedures?

Our full policies and procedures are available on the info page of our website.

How will covid-19 affect training?

Our policy for training during Covid-19 restrictions is available on our info page.

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